Saturday, October 4, 2008

All in a hard hard days work...

Wow! I never knew how hard it would be to clean our entire house! Ha. For the past couple of weeks weve been working our tails off! Since mom is now "retired" we kicked things into high gear! Mom wakes me up at about 8 or 9. Then we fill up 2 buckets from Home Depot with water, carry them into the room that were working on for the day, and start scrubbing! So far we have cleaned (from top to bottom literally!) my 2 rooms, the bathroom, front entry way, front living room, formal dining room, laundry room, half bath, the bar, and the big living room! (: Its really great to see all the progress. It makes me feel like its not going to be forever until we move haha! Sometimes it really seems that way though. However i know that it is way sooner than i expect!
So with sweat,tears,and a little blood, we are on our way(:


John, Carla & Rae Shaw said...

Ok, we're not just "cleaning", we are deep cleaning! Walls, baseboards, windowsills, etc. Little different than just doing your chores, huh? If you give me a hard time about doing chores after this, I can just remind you that you could be deep cleaning!

Seriously tho, it does mean we are getting closer and closer to our big move. Exciting, yet sad too.

You are doing a great job! Thank you sweetie for all your help! Mom