Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just another African adventure...

The night before last i awoke with a terrible pain in my right ear.... at 3 in the morning. Not wanting to wake my parents i decided to wait it out and try to go back to sleep. I assumed the pain was due to the sinus problems i had been having for a while and tried to shake it off. However the pain was just too much. I stayed awake for 2 and a half hours, all the while debating with myself if i wanted to wake my mom and have her suffer with me.. I decided against it until 5:30 that morning. Unfortuneltley there was nothing she could do to ease the pain. Which suprised us because we've had PLENTY of practice. You see, when i was younger i had ear infections ALL the time. But this was unlike any other. The worst pain i've ever had in my ears. We tried just about everything, including hydrogen peroxide. (remeber that) Then after all else failed and i was still crying and holding back screams of agganizing pain, she gave me an anti inflamatory pill. Which just happens to have codine in it. That made me forget about the pain and sleep. Next thing i knew we were on our way to the doctor. Or "sister" as they call the nurse practitioners here. After waiting for an hour or so we got in to see her. We went through normal proceedure and blah blah blah. Then she brought out the scope and placed it gently in my ear. "Uh-oh" she said, "It looks like you have a hoorha in your ear." Just as you probably would i replied with a "a WHAT?" to which she replied "a bug". I just about lost my cool when she told me that. Well i pretty much did loose it. "O MY GOSH GET IT OUT!" was all i remeber saying. Then the next thing i remebered was her bringing in a dish to catch the discusting creature in and a giant needle looking thing that i thought she was going to shove into my brain. But it was actually full water. She said "this might be a little uncomfy" and it was. Have you ever had water shoved in your ear to get a bug out? well don't try it. Finally i heard my mom say "ew gross" as the bug made a nice little splash in the water that had also come back out of my ear. The sister finished off by saying "It must have crawled into your ear last night while you were sleeping and suffocated because it couldn't get out." Which to me was just absolutley fine. Anything that crawls into MY ear without MY permission should suffocate and die in there. So thankfully i have no more brain eating bugs in my ears but i do have an inner ear infection that they have me on meds for. 3 different medications 3 times a day. All for only $15 to $20. Including consolation fees. So i consider this just another adventure(: a discusting one at that.


Courtney said...

Rae, that is crazy disgusting! I can't believe you had a bug in your ear. I mean, I guess I can believe it because you live in AFRICA. And as we discovered while there, there are lot's and lot's of critters everywhere.
Hope your ear is feeling better, and we miss you all already!
I am going to be posting some pictures on my blog soon

Anonymous said...

Hey Rae!!!!!
This is AMBER! :)

awwww i miss you sooooo much!!!! you dont even know - actually you probably do- lol :) well there is one small problem i have no way to comunicate with you. jack just told me about this blog thing on wensday and so i am trying to get a hold of you right now. lol. well i dont have a myspace but i do have and email. you should give me a way to talk to you so that we can chat. lol.

well the bug story is halariously funny-kinda-lol. it is only funny because the same thing happened to my dad but it was a 3/4 of an inch long live moth!!! it flew in his ear as he was walking in the door and he wigged out. we then rushed him to the fire department and checked to wat the could do....NOTHING!! they then took him in the ambulance to the ER where the did everything known possible, -as my dad was cussing at them to get the alive moth, scraping his ear drum with its wings that wouldnt stop flapping. they brought in the seringe thing and did the same thing. he feels your pain!!! lol

well i read ALL your blogs (thats alot) and i saw that your sister and her boyfriend were coming down! how cool would that be!

o one more thing then i will let you go.
last sunday kieth gave a serman about testamonies from africa. well needless to say i cryed THE WHOLE TIME!! not joking. well mindi came up and read her journal entry that she wrote when she got home from africa. well i cryed the whole time again. it was sad!!!! well the sadest part was at the end during the last worship song they showed pictures of the trip and i balled when i say you!!! :(

ok well ill ttyl
ps-im trying to get my mom to let me get a blog that would be cool!!:)
hope and prayers AMBER D>