Thursday, May 28, 2009

4 months and counting!

Today is the four month anniversery of us living in South Africa. We officially got to our home on January 28th 2009! It seems like so much longer but at the same time it feels like we haven't been here that long! In these 4 months we have been striving to build relationships with anyone and everyone we can find. I can finally see that they are really coming together. I have made friends in the communities and friends from the youth group I go to. The youth group meets every friday night (when it's not a holiday, which there are many!) to have fun and worship as a whole. I've really made some good friends that I'm looking forward to hanging out with :D

Some prayer requests for this month:
Amanda and Ryan are coming in June. VERY SOON! :D

please be praying that the funds will be met for them and that they will just be able to experience God the way we have while they're here.
Our house: We will be trying to build a nice wendy house to live in.
Relationships: We still need to be building on these relationships that have already been formed.
General peace: We have all been missing you guys alot! We get worried too, about your saftey. Please pray that there would just be a peace in what we are doing.

Thanks to all who support us by praying or giving money or even just thinking about us from time to time. We love and miss you all!

Love, Rae :)